October 19, 2018

Go Gecko! Breathing Life into Agile Through Improv

10:15  -  11:00

Are you annoyed with people doing, not being, Agile? Want to get better at dealing with uncertainty and embracing not fighting the ordered chaos of Agile? Join us for an exploration of what being Agile feels like through Improvisation. Gain a bunch of icebreakers and team building ideas to wow your teams. We’ll monkey about […]

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Scaling Interaction

11:15  -  12:15

How do you scale individuals & interactions (over processes and tools)? How do you effectively explore a topic, create a way forward, make a decision, or reach a conclusion, with a group well beyond a single Scrum team, up to as many as 100 people? How will you benefit from all the different information, knowledge, […]

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Finding simple solutions to complex problems

11:15  -  12:15

Business Coach Richard Atherton will lead an interactive using the Lego Serious Play techniques. The session will invite to you explore a complex design problem using Lego. This format is ideal for: – Software Architecture issues – Issues of team dynamics – Any other complex problem your facing No prior Lego experience required! #Complexity #AgilePlay […]

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The Power of Coaching

11:15  -  12:15

In the Agile community, the term “coaching” gets bandied around almost as much as “Agile”. What do we mean by “coaching”, what are the core skills of an effective coach, what does good look like and how does it feel to coach and be coached? Join us in this workshop to experience what being a […]

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Paper Power

13:15  -  15:00

Add some “Peace and Love” in your project with paper prototyping. Although Paper Prototyping is an old gamer in the creative and design area, it’s not used very often when building Apps or WebApps today. However, this technique is incredibly efficient when creating software UI, especially in a collaborative way. In his Workshop, Yann will […]

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Compassionate Communication or User Guide to NVC

13:15  -  15:00

From young age we have been educated to compete, judge, criticise and demand, often communicating in very unhelpful ways that may create anger, misunderstanding, distrust and frustration. Nonviolent Communication is a powerful tool that can help you to transform your relationships with other people, and even with yourself. It enables you to shift from a […]

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Solutions Focused Coaching for Psychological Safety

15:30  -  17:15

According to Google research, Psychological Safety is the fundamental factor in high team performance. Solutions Focus is an Agile approach to coaching, facilitation, training and transformation. It includes 7 tools and 6 principles, each of which contributes to Psychological Safety. This 105 minute workshop includes – Psychological Safety – the key to the high performing […]

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Cost of Delay in Action

15:30  -  17:15

Your people are a very scarce commodity, you need to make sure they are working on the most important thing at every given moment. Help them with this by making your investment decisions with open eyes. If prioritisation is still a guessing game for your business, or when it comes down to it the highest […]

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