Wim Heemskerk

I help management & development teams to be agile in their practices. Two areas get special attention in my coaching and facilitation, as I have found them in need:
* the opportunities for management and leadership to be a driving force towards agility
* the opportunities to include and unleash everyone in an organisation
You can do much better than hoping management will simply step aside and the chaos will be temporary!

As a hands-on change agent, I work to create lasting change, the kind people say they created and wanted themselves. I connect the dots to translate models and principles to day to day actions. I inspire and encourage learning. I lead by example. I run and develop workshops and training. I love to pair up with others to crack tough nuts together. I hold a degree in management and have a background as a test-infected developer. You’ll find me honest, transparent, passionate, and always ready to try a fresh angle.

* Leadership Development, Self-organization, Intent-Based Leadership, Transformation
* Facilitation, Coaching, Training, Mentoring, Open Space Technology, Liberating Structures
* Development, Testing, Specification by Example, BDD, TDD, Continuous Delivery, DevOps