BDD and the New Model for Testing

Session Category :  Talk 
October 19, 2018
11:15  -  12:00

This talk proposes a model of the thought processes that every tester uses. In a sentence, what we do is this: “we explore sources of knowledge to build test models that inform our testing”. The model identifies two modes of thinking – exploration and testing – and we use judgement to decide when to flip from one to the other.

The model maps directly to the BDD way. On the left hand side, we use the models (stories, of course) to capture requirements and on the right hand side, we challenge our sources of knowledge, and reuse the stories to inform (or generate) the tests of features.

Separating out these ten activities clarifies what testers and developers do. It identifies the capabilities and skills that all tester need to acquire, to practice and excel in. the New Model was partly inspired by the BBD approach and can help practitioners understand the BDD collaboration and test process

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