Compassionate Communication or User Guide to NVC

Session Category :  Workshop 
October 19, 2018
13:15  -  15:00

From young age we have been educated to compete, judge, criticise and demand, often communicating in very unhelpful ways that may create anger, misunderstanding, distrust and frustration.

Nonviolent Communication is a powerful tool that can help you to transform your relationships with other people, and even with yourself. It enables you to shift from a world of blame, judgment and conflict, to a world of empathy, honesty, clarity and empowerment.

In this workshop we will explore the basic concepts, practices and skills of NVC and we will practice using Compassionate Communication to:

– connect to ourselves and other people in a more authentic way;
– make requests that are more likely to be accepted;
– transform patterns of thinking that lead to guilt, shame or anger.

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