NUDGE – Role of Economics in Architecture and Design

Session Category :  Talk 
October 19, 2018
13:15  -  14:00

Steve is very shy and withdrawn, invariably helpful but with little interest in people or in the world of reality. A meek and tidy soul, he has a need for order and structure, and a passion for detail.
Is Steve more likely to be a librarian or a farmer?
Majority of the people tend to think Steve as a librarian, which is not accurate. The topic is based on the work of two distinguished Nobel laureates in the field of Behavioural Economics – Richard Thaler and Daniel Kahneman.

In this talk, I will explore role behavioral economics on individual choice and it impacts on the Architecture and Design of systems.
The session will also cover the effect of cognitive bias in decision making and helps in creating a solution around proven patterns through well-designed choice architecture.

– Ability to identify cognitive bias
– Decision-making technique

Since Agile Software development focuses on conversations, having a good understanding of biases helps in better design. I have used these concepts in Jaguar i-PACE programs to develop safety-critical systems.

#Nudge #Design #Behaviour


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