Solutions Focused Coaching for Psychological Safety

Session Category :  Workshop 
October 19, 2018
15:30  -  17:15

According to Google research, Psychological Safety is the fundamental factor in high team performance.

Solutions Focus is an Agile approach to coaching, facilitation, training and transformation. It includes 7 tools and 6 principles, each of which contributes to Psychological Safety.

This 105 minute workshop includes
– Psychological Safety – the key to the high performing team (Google research)
– Experience the difference between Solutions Focus and a more conventional approach, on a live topic for you.
– Overview of the Solutions Focused paradigm, and how it contributes to Psychological Safety
– 7 Solutions Focused Tools
– Live demonstration of Solutions Focus in action
– One SF technique which you can take away and use immediately

#PsychologicalSafety #Coaching #SolutionsFocus

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