US Marines, Agile and heuristics

Session Category :  Talk 
October 19, 2018
14:15  -  15:00

Services and software development are inherently complex in nature. For such complex problems there are no recipes for success that can be followed.

US Marines rely on heuristics when the original battle plan breaks down – “capture the high ground, stay in touch and keep moving”. Can we use a similar set of heuristics in our Agile deliveries?

A heuristic is anything that provides a plausible aid or direction in the solution of a problem. They can produce accurate decisions by exploiting the structures of information in the environments they are applied.

Join me to explore how underpinned by Agile principles and practices we can create a set of heuristics that can be used to create a delivery foundation.

#Cynefin #Kanban #Heuristics



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