Ballroom 3Ballroom 4Bryanston suiteMontagu suiteGloucester suite
08:15Registration and Breakfast
09:00The failure of focus - Liz Keogh
10:15Politics & Hierarchy: How We Create It & How to Stop - Katherine KirkTesting in Agile - Dan AshbyAgile Around the World - David Spinks and Glaudia CalifanoGo Gecko Breathing Life into Agile through Improv - AJ KingAgile Tour Lean Coffee - David Leach
11:15Scaling Interaction - Wim HeemskerkThe Power of Energizers, Check-ins and Icebreakers - Artur MargonariBDD and the New Model for Testing - Paul GerrardFinding Simple Solutions to Complex Problems - Richard AthertonThe Power of Coaching - Portia Tung
12:00Lunch Break12:40 Agile Practitioners as Change Agents for the Organisation - Cerys Hearsey12:10 Bringing Gamification Techniques to Agility and the Rise of Progression Driven Development - Amr Gawish

12:40 Aginext Conference Preview - Several speakers
13:15Enabling Teams to Embrace Change - Gitte KlitgaardNUDGE – Role of economics in Architecture and Design - Raghavebdra MithareMicroservice Agility - Nikola BogdanovPaper Power - Yann ChevalierCompassionate Communication or User Guide to NVC - Natasha Hill
14:15Why our Work isn't Used! - Melanie Franklin
Multiple Selves?! Growing Leaders Applied - Cosima Laube

US Marines, Agile and heuristics - Peter Pito

15:00Tea Break

15:30DevOps and People: Where Automation Begins! - Almudena Rodriguez Pardo
How to run an agile transformation (in 10 easy steps) - Ryan Behrman
Increase Agile's Credibility and Influence by Creating Better Outcomes with Finance - Dean Latchana
Solutions Focused Coaching for Psychological Safety - Roy Marriott

Cost of Delay in Action - Leonardo Bittencourt

16:30Winning Hearts and Minds Together Transforming Careers and Culture at Ocado Technology - Emily Hallard
Agile Org: the SAP Case - Pierre Neis
Dashboards and Culture how Openness Changes your Behavior - Steve Poole
17:15Farewell drink

Short Talk

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